Every memorable journey starts with a single step and bit of a struggle! We initiated our first step almost eight years ago, and today we are one of the fastest growing & profit making petrochemical companies.

Baron Organics buys oil and a chemical, additives, refines, mixtures and sell them in an international market. The company, with its vast experience and dedication, has become one of the largest business corporations closely involved in the commercialization and sales of various petrochemical products across the world.

Baron Organics is an International business house:

Refinery Process Chemicals

– Corrosion Inhibitor
(Oil line/ pipeline/ ethanol/gas line/water soluble etc.)
– Demulsifier
– Anti Oxident
– Defoamer

Water Treatment Chemicals

– Antiscalant
– corrosion inhibitor
– Biocides
– Biodispersant
– Defoamer

Oilfield Chemicals

-Corrosion inhibitor
(Oil line/ Gas line / Water injection/Acid etc.)
– Scale Inhibitor
– Bactericide/ Biocide
– Defoamer
– Demusifier
– Emulsifier