Established in 2000, Baron Organics is a privately firm known for excellent service in distillation jobs. We provide excellent quality with maximum yield. Two distillation columns are having Sulzer make Structural Packing & one has Random Packing. For the best quality of finished products all the equipments are made of S.S-316. Plant can handle low boiling point to high boiling point solvents. We got advantage for such good service that, there is a number of clients in our list belong to various chemical industries, always we believe in excellent service time to time.

We are one of the desire name first who are using our service. We have ability to give excellent quality our equipments allow taking smooth process up to end. We always committed to fulfill your requirements like cost effectiveness, time saving & flexibility. Our service helps in saving instruments, space & manpower for completing such distillation process.

We are also a well-known vendor for disposal solvents, dealing with many multi-nationals and domestic chemical industries.

Good service with maximum satisfaction is our motto.

Oil & Gas

Refinery Process Chemicals

– Corrosion Inhibitor
(Oil line/ pipeline/ ethanol/gas line/water soluble etc.)
– Demulsifier
– Anti Oxident
– Defoamer

Water Treatment Chemicals

– Antiscalant
– corrosion inhibitor
– Biocides
– Biodispersant
– Defoamer

Oilfield Chemicals

-Corrosion inhibitor
(Oil line/ Gas line / Water injection/Acid etc.)
– Scale Inhibitor
– Bactericide/ Biocide
– Defoamer
– Demusifier
– Emulsifier

Distilation Jobs

Distilled Mono Ethylene Glycol
Distilled Diethylene Glycol
Distilled Benzene
Distilled Ethylene Dichloride
Distilled Toluene
Distilled Acetone
Distilled Xylene
Distilled Butyl Acetate
Monoethylene Glycol
Distilled Dimethyl Sulfoxide
Distilled Ethyl Acetate
Distilled Hexane
Isopropyl Alcohol Solvent
Distilled Trichloroethylene

Contract Manufacturing

Baron Organics Manufacturer that contracts with a firm for products, It is a form of outsourcing.